About Us

Chris ‘Henri’ Henrikson is an Iraq war veteran from Portland, OR.  He deployed in support of Operation Noble Eagle at the Pentagon following 9/11 and served two tours in Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.  A former MP team leader, Henri also served two years as a CID drug investigator.  Now a journalist, podcaster, writer, and anti-war activist, Henri no longer supports the lies of imperialism or the PR spin of the politicians, wherever the source.  He seeks to make common cause with anyone tired of jingoistic-driven death from the American war machine and a desire to protect the innocents of the earth, no matter their origin.  Except Alex Jones.  Fuck that guy.  Follow him on Twitter at @henrihateswar.  Email him at henri@fortressonahill.com.

Keagan Miller is a Navy veteran (’09-’13) who worked at NSA Georgia as a CTT in support of various missions with NSA, CIA and Special Forces including the Libya mission in 2011, anti-piracy missions in Somalia and drone strikes in Yemen. Since leaving the military, Keagan has worked with Non-profits in Portland helping homeless veterans, and currently works at the county level as Case Manager for a Permanent Supportive Housing program for chronically homeless veterans. He is very passionate about anti-interventionism and co-operative foreign relations.  Email him at keagan@fortressonahill.com

Jovanni Reyes enlisted in the United States Army in 1993 and deployed to the Balkans in 1996 as part of NATO’s first-ever military intervention which culminated in the dismemberment of Yugoslavia into seven statelets. By 2002, he was no longer moved by the pretexts and false narratives cheerleading for war, and when the invasion of Iraq began in 2003, he decided he could not support or continue in the military and ended his enlistment in 2007. He holds an M.S. in International Relations and is mostly interested in geopolitics and it’s relations to the Global South, colonialism, Latin America, and Pluripolarism. His writings has been published in Truthout, Common Dreams, and Claridad: El Periódico de la Nación Puertorriqueña.  Email him at jovanni@fortressonahill.com

Shiloh Emelein (they/them/theirs) is a queer, trans, non-binary creature living with their fluffy cat on Ohlone Land (also known as the Bay area, California). Their world view and moral compass were turned upside down while deployed with a Marine Helicopter Support Unit in Al Anbar Province, Iraq and then at TMEP (Theater Mortuary Entrance Point) in Kuwait City. They joined About Face: Veterans Against War in 2018 with the hope in action to catalyze change and repair the harms caused by the Military-Industrial Complex. Shiloh believes that the reclamation and celebration of our bodies, our joy, and our pleasure is at the core of demilitarizing ourselves, our beliefs, and the structures we currently live within. Email them at shiloh@fortressonahill.com

Monisha Ríos, PhD, MSW is a Puerto Rican/Viequense psychologist, social worker, and anti-imperialist veteran of the U.S. Army. For approx. 10 yrs, has been investigating the American Psychological Association’s 104-year role in the weaponization and militarization of psychology in service to imperialism. Monisha works to expose the psychological warfare component of U.S.-led hybrid warfare, with a special focus on the narratives used to destabilize Peoples’ movements toward liberation from imperialist oppression in Latin America and the Caribbean. Donate here to Monica’s new project: bit.ly/centrospr Email her at monisha@fortressonahill.com