MeToo when you wear the uniform – Sexual assault in the military – Ep 4.0

Ep 4 is here.  Hope you enjoy it.

I did want to make a note for people about SGT Johnson, the SF soldier who died in Niger back in October.  I said his name a number of times in this episode and I’m pretty sure most of them were SGT La Johnson.  His name is SGT La David Johnson and I apologize for not saying his name correctly.  I have memory issues and sometimes things don’t get out quite right.  But, a person’s name is an important thing and I aim to do it right.

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00:40 – Jerusalem becoming location of US Embassy

08:38  – Gas line explosion at Camp Pendleton 

11:09  – Niger updates

42:20  – Analyzing recent deployments of Raytheon Patriot missile defense systems

51:00  – Three sisters, three academies, four generations of service

105:13 – Sexual assault in the military…/american-embassy-israel-trump-move.html

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Author: Henri

Sergeant Christopher 'Henri' Henrikson is a disabled Iraq war veteran from Portland, OR. A former military police team leader and drug suppression investigator, Henri deployed twice in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. You can contact him at Follow him on Twitter @Rorak11GGD.