50th anniversary of the Tet Offensive – lessons of Vietnam revisited with Greg Daddis Part 1 – Ep 6.0

It’s interview time today!!!!  We present part 1 of our sitdown with COL Greg Daddis.  COL Daddis is the expert’s expert on Vietnam and today we will discuss the lessons from Vietnam that can be applied to the endless warfare our country wages.  Ep 6.5 will have part 2 of COL Daddis’ interview, following our normal headlines, which will drop on Feb 9.

Gregory Daddis is an associate professor of history and director of Chapman’s MA Program in War and Society.  Dr. Daddis joined the History Department in the summer of 2015 after having served as the Chief of the American History Division in the Department of History at the United States Military Academy at West Point. A retired US Army colonel, he has served in both Operations Desert Storm and Iraqi Freedom. Dr. Daddis specializes in the history of the Vietnam Wars and the Cold War era.

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