Danny’s Weekly (Nerdy) Reading List

Hey FoH listeners,

This week I read two books.  The first was The Pentagon’s Wars by Mark Perry.  This awesome work read like a novel and told the story of civil-military conflict from the inside.  Definitely read this one yourself, but here’s a preview: Since 1991, America’s top flag officers (with a couple exceptions, notably GEN Martin Dempsey) have failed their soldiers and the nation by not standing up to civilian policymakers who chose to send our servicemen and women on hopeless crusades.  It’s a sad story, but an absolutely vital one.

The other was The Triumph of Christianity by Bart Ehrman.  One of my side interests (call it a guilty pleasure) is the history (not the theology) of early Christianity.  This new one explains how the Jesus movement grew from maybe 20 followers at the crucifixion to eventually take over Rome and the Western World.  It’s a crazy tale; but, most interesting is the way Ehrman describes what was lost in the process, which, sadly, was the pagan sense of religious plurality and tolerance.  Believer or atheist – it doesn’t matter – check out the book and decide for yourself on these huge historical issues.


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