Dorkfest Volume 3 – Danny’s Reading this Week

Hey FoH listeners,

So this week I read Quicksilver War: Syria, Iraq and the Spiral of Conflict, by William Harris.  In this awesome little book (just 170 pages or so), the author, a professor of politics in New Zealand, offers the best summary of the twin wars in the Fertile Crescent from 2011-present.  He offers a stunning synthesis of a chaotic, multi-faceted war, and how the U.S. got itself involved.  He demonstrates that the wars in Syria and Iraq fed off of one another, leading to a spiral of violence that shook – and still shakes – the region.  The U.S. is now – by choice – deeply enmeshed in this intractable conflict.  My fear after reading this book: it won’t end well.

Check it out and draw your own conclusions!

One love,


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