What you need to know about the CIA – The intelligence community – Ep 13.0

America has many three letter agencies that perform a variety of tasks.  Law enforcement, tax collection, firearms investigations, customs and border security, and so forth.  Today, Danny and I discuss our intelligence community, and when we say ‘intelligence community, we mean the SEVENTEEN intelligence agencies that perform intelligence missions of all sorts.  Somehow, we have seventeen of them.  But what does the public know about their ongoing mission?  How does their presence on college campuses and film sets impact the views of the military for the average American?  What role has torture played in the intelligence community and how does it affect the intelligence we receive, seventeen years after 9/11?  With this is mind, Danny and I present our breakdown of the intelligence community.  Enjoy!!!

00:40 – The intelligence community

Ranks of Notorious Hate Group Include Active-Duty Military – Propublica


The most militarized universities in America – Vice News

ClandesTime 032 – Iron Man and The Rocketeer

Covert operations: How the CIA works with Hollywood – The Listening Post – Al-Jazeera

As “Black Hawk Down” Director Ridley Scott Is Nominated for An Oscar, An Actor in the Film speaks Out Against Its Pro-War Message – Democracy Now

The Killing of Osama bin Laden – Seymour M. Hersh – London Review of Books

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