US military recruiting tactics and a far right Supreme Court – Ep 16.5

It’s been sixteen years since I sat in a recruiter’s office.  I remember visiting there many times (even after I was signed up to join) and asked all kinds of questions.  What was basic training like? How was the food? Did they like their non-recruiter MOS? Did I have to make that MANY trips to MEPS (Military Entrance Processing Station – Super boring)?  I heard a lot about Army values, doing PT (physical training) until you puke, being yelled at by drill sergeants, and a tid bit about deployments, but looking back on my six years in service, the recruiters shared very little real information.  I didn’t hear about deaths in training accidents, moving heavy equipment by hand from one place to another OVER AND OVER AND OVER, blowing out your knees from heavy running, getting odd diseases that are both rare and debilitating, and sharing an 80 sq ft room with another guy who seems to have soap aversion issues.

Recruiters are the car salesmen of the US military and by their very nature, they water down much of the downsides in what they’re selling.  But when a teenager is trying to decide whether to enlist or a parent is asking questions about their child’s future, should this be one of those times to have some actual ‘truth in advertising?’     

00:37 – Danny’s breakdown of ‘12 Strong’

10:21 – Tactics and methods of US military recruiters

30:41 – Nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh for US Supreme Court

Should we end military recruiting as a matter of child protection and public health – Amy Hagopian / Kathy Barker – American Journal of Public Health

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