TomDispatch listed as ‘hate/’racism’ by DOD / About Face convention – Ep 18

We’re back!!!  After a few sweltering summer weeks, Danny and I are back.  We’ve got a lot of stuff coming up!!!  Next Friday, we have our episode on moral injury, including the Warax, Tyson Manker, and Chaplain Josh Morris.  It’s an intense but needed discussion on today’s troops dealing with the moral leanings of their decisions and the decisions of our government.  Next, we and Roomofrequirement, a political podcast, will be doing a joint episode with their hosts.  Veterans and civilians need to spend more time face to face, discussing issues important to the military and important to the country, so this is us doing our teen tiny part.  And last on the upcoming stuff for this week, but certainly not least, our next major breakdown will be released on September 6 when we’ll discuss September 11, 2001.  Its history, its myths, its bearing on our national security state, and how it affected us personally.

On the hot seat for today, first we discuss the recent bombing in Yemen, which killed a multitude of small children.   Next, we discuss recent developments with the Pentagon, as it continues to stonewall reporters asking basic defense questions and even retaliate against some of them for what it considers to be unfavorable headlines.  Then, we discuss a terrifying development involving TomDispatch and the Department of Defense.  Lastly, Danny gives us the scoop on his time at the About Face convention.

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