How to go for broke as an anti-war advocate – Scott Horton interview Part 1 – Ep 27

Today, Danny and I present part 1 of our sitdown with Scott Horton, host of Anti-War Radio on KPFK 90.7 FM in Los Angeles, which is also known by its podcast name, the Scott Horton Show.  Scott has hosted Anti-War Radio since 2003 and has done several thousand interviews with war correspondents of all stripes.  His book, “Fool’s Errand: Time to end the war in Afghanistan” is an amazing collection on the history of war in Afghanistan, how presidential decisions from Carter to Trump have destroyed the greater Middle East, and how the American people were deceived by the leaders about both the premise of the war and the history of it, now just past its 17th anniversary.  Scott is also managing director of the Libertarian Institute at and editorial director of, where both Danny and myself, but mostly Danny, have published pieces on the American war state.  The man has an amazing mind and recalls even the tiniest of details about his research and reporting on Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria, and so forth.  Please do listen to his show on 90.7 if you’re in the Los Angeles area. If not, grab your podcatcher app and add the Scott Horton show to your podcasts.

2:59- Scott discusses how he got started on being an anti-war advocate

10:22- Scott discusses writing “Fool’s Errand”

17:14- Scott discusses the impact of high ranking US government officials, even cabinet members, keeping certain information away from the president to demonstrate a specific narrative on foreign policy

27:36- Scott on the current horrifying situation in Afghanistan

36:02- Scott on future predictions for Afghanistan    

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