From Afghanistan with sorrowful results – Ep 29

It’s been WAY too long since we’ve done headlines, so we do our best to catch you up.  I break down the current situation in Yemen and discuss some updates, including the American contractors working as mercenaries there while Danny takes us back to the seventeen year old war in Afghanistan, showing the headlines missed during the week while the media was focused on a photo of the senior commander in Afghanistan carrying his rifle.

America Is Headed For Military Defeat in Afghanistan – Danny Sjursen – The American Conservative

Tank plant in Ohio that Trump “saved” – nothing in piece suggested he actually “saved” it.

1.3 million Iraqi children displaced by war with Islamic State

Al Qaeda commander gets numerous emergency surgeries while held at GITMO.

US exempts Iran’s Chabahar Port from sanctions – helpful to Afghanistan’s economy.

Iraq asks US to consider how sanctions will affect Iraq’s economy / etc.

Marine veteran protests Leupold at Blazers game

Think Progress on Leupold protest

Second Saudi journalist tortured and murdered by Saudi authorities

The Ministry of Defense in the UK is being petitioned to stop recruiting 16 and 17 year olds.

Low IQ draftees were chosen after Vietnam leaders couldn’t make numbers.

Rust costs 21 billion per year

Statistical connections between veterans and mass shooters

Army secretary says NCOs should visit barracks on weekends to prevent suicide

Hypertension linked to Agent Orange exposure

VA moving hundreds of docs from union admin spots back to providing care for veterans

1 in 5 generals couldn’t deploy for medical reasons in 2016

There’s a strong possibility that several of the northern Marian…

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