Danny roundup – November 2018

I’ve decided to start doing a monthly roundup of Danny’s writing pieces.  It will help give a better single spot to check for specific articles.

Start with Danny’s American History for TruthDiggers series, an ongoing project examining US history from a more detailed and history based perspective.  The most recent addition (part 21) discussed the lost history of World War I and how its peace didn’t last, despite the overwhelming horror of the conflict.  

American History for Truthdiggers: A Savage ‘War to End All Wars,’ and a Failed Peace

“America Is Headed For Military Defeat in Afghanistan” at the American Conservative

“What if Osama bin Laden Had Legitimate Grievances?” at TruthDig

“Three Thanksgivings – Snapshots From a Career of Failure” at Antiwar.com

“Global War to Infinity and Beyond” at TomDispatch.com

“Nexus of Evil: The Cynical Saudi-Israeli Alliance and the Reshaping of the Middle East” at Antiwar.com

“The Reclamation of George W. Bush Is an American Tragedy” at Antiwar.com

“One Veteran’s Plea – Get Informed or Ditch the Holiday” at Antiwar.com

“Has Iraq Become Another ‘Lesson Lost’ Like Vietnam?” at The American Conservative

“Not on the Agenda – America’s Wars Are a Non-Factor in Today’s Midterm Elections” at Antiwar.com

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