Your poor, your tired, your huddled masses, yearning to be…deported – Ep 37

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Promises matter.  Alliances matter. When America acts, it seldom acts alone, but often the promises made to those allies are forgotten in the face of new priorities, or in this case…new presidents.  Here, the guys and I discuss the possibility that Vietnamese refugees in the U.S. could be deported under changes by President Trump, changes that fly in the face of long standing policy that protected those refugees from deportation, along with recent conflict between India and Pakistan and after effects of the government shutdown on military operations in the Coast Guard and elsewhere.

1:35  Ongoing effects of the Vietnam War

16:43  Recent fighting between India and Pakistan

35:54   Supreme Court ruling on transgender troops’ recruitment into the U.S. military

37:10  After effects of the recent government shutdown

Justice for Lai Dai Han

Women raped by Korean soldiers during Vietnam war still awaiting apology

The Supreme Court Allows Pentagon To Ban Transgender Service Members

Transgender servicemembers prepare to defend their service on Capitol Hill

After Shutdown, Grounded Planes and Delayed Repairs Ripple Through Coast Guard

Shutdown Hampered Watchdogs’ Latest Report on Afghanistan War

Afghanistan’s war killed a record number of civilians in 2018

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