Breaking Cadence interview w/ Rosa del Duca – Ep 45

Rosa del Duca sits down with us today to discuss her new book, “Breaking Cadence – one woman’s war against the war”, a tale of a National Guard soldier turned ROTC cadet who became a conscientious objector.  It’s an amazing tale of leadership and courage, which you can buy right here from Amazon.

Be sure to check out her podcast as well, “Breaking Cadence: Insights from a modern day conscientious objector.”

Rosa earned her MFA in Creative Writing from Saint Mary’s College of California. Her shorter creative work has been published in CALYX, River Teeth, Cutbank, Grain, the Los Angeles Review, and other literary magazines. When she’s not writing creatively, Rosa is writing cold hard facts as a journalist, leading peer writers’ groups, or playing music.

While a solo singer-songwriter at the moment, Rosa founded the band Hunters with Will Decher in 2011. Over the course of five years they put out three albums: White Lies, Treeline and We All Go Up the Mountain Alone Together, before taking a break to focus on other projects.

Rosa lives in Castro Valley, California with her writer, professor, and craftsman husband, Nicholas Leither, and their two young children, Itasca and River.

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Author: Henri

Sergeant Christopher 'Henri' Henrikson is a disabled Iraq war veteran from Portland, OR. A former military police team leader and drug suppression investigator, Henri deployed twice in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. You can contact him at Follow him on Twitter @Rorak11GGD.

One thought on “Breaking Cadence interview w/ Rosa del Duca – Ep 45”

  1. Excellent podcasts. A number of books have been written about the horrors of war, among the best was Goodbye to All That by Robert Graves, which should actually be compulsory reading for anyone who wants to join the military. After that, or perhaps alternatively for people who have difficulty reading long books, George Carlin’s analysis of the terminolgy used to describe “shell shock” and how it changed over the years.
    Anyway, all this as a long preface to a song that might find some resonance with you: Afghanistan
    Thank you for the courage to actually do these podcasts in the America of the present day.

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