The Sacking of Fallujah w/ Ross Caputi and Scott Spaulding – Ep 125

Ross Caputi and Scott Spaulding join us to discuss The Sacking of Fallujah, both the event and the book which Ross co-wrote.  Fallujah is seen by the American empire as a great victory over the burgeoning Sunni insurgency during the early years of Operation Iraqi Freedom, but for the people of Fallujah and their descendants, it is nothing less than the entire destruction and poisoning of their people and land.  Birth defects are rampant among the population, spurred by the use of heavy munitions like white phosphorus, depleted uranium, and thermobariacs, which have destroyed the environment for generations.

Ross’ book, The Sacking of Fallujah: A People’s History (Culture and Politics in the Cold War and Beyond), is a great primer on the subject, as well as a detailed microcosm of the war in Iraq and its tactics.  I consider it a must-buy.

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