Col. Ann Wright on Gaza and the UN – Ep 150

Jovanni is joined by Colonel Ann Wright, former diplomat and retired U.S. Army colonel who resigned from the U.S. government in opposition to Bush’s war on Iraq.  Jovanni and Ann discuss the lack of interest for diplomacy, the detrimental effects of transferring weapons into conflict areas, and Ann’s recent appearance at the UN, stressing the toll of Israel’s genocide against Gaza.  Ann stresses the economic benefit to weapon manufacturers and corporations as one of the primary motivators for war, rather than striving for peace and diplomatic resolutions to conflicts.

Former Army Colonel Ann Wright Condemns Israeli Weapons Sales at UN

Voices of Conscience

In her 29 year career in the Army and Army Reserve, Colonel Anne Wright served at the NATO Subcommand Allied Forces Central Europe, and later as a diplomat serving in the U.S. Embassy in Nicaragua, Grenada, Somalia, Kyrgyzstan, Sierra Leone, Micronesia, Afghanistan, and Mongolia. She resigned from the U. S. government in March 2003  in opposition to Bush’s war on Iraq. She is an adversary, advisory, board member for, for Veterans for Peace, International Peace Bureau, World Beyond War, Gaza Freedom Flotilla, No to NATO, Hawaii Peace and Justice, Pacific Peace Network, Women Cross the DMZ, and Campaign for Peace.

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