Preview: Danny’s Next Article

Hey FOH listeners,

Later this week I will publish a 17th anniversary piece (sadly) on the U.S.-Afghan War. It should run in Stars and Stripes of all places! But, in hindsight, I’m glad it will end up there: after all, it is my strong belief that military members and veterans need to be at the forefront of the anti-Afghan War movement.

We, have seen the war – seen its futility, its human waste (on both sides) and the ultimate absurdity of trying to enforce democracy at the end of a gun or the tip of the bayonet!

In the piece you’ll see lots of stats and metrics which prove the war is failing worse than ever and that America is about to be defeated by an army of poor farmers. But that’s not the most important measure of the war’s worth.

I’ll ask listeners, and the readers of my article, this: would you feel comfortable explaining to a widow or mother just what her son or husband died for in Afghanistan? I’ve had that conversation and never hope to again. And, ultimately, the day we stop being able to confidently answer that question is the very day we should end the war!

Hope you enjoy,

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