White supremacy in the US military – Ep 5.5

Prior to the election of Donald Trump, white supremacy didn’t seem to be an issue of great concern. Despite record increases in people joining white nationalist groups during Barack Obama’s time in office, it still wasn’t something that seemed terribly important to the nation or our government.  Then, Trump was elected and groups of people longed pushed to the edges of society now had someone in office that is singing their tune.  His support of white supremacy told many in our nation that it was time to push their ideas of hatred and violence.

But white supremacy didn’t go anywhere.  It didn’t evaporate with the election of the first black president or any other common metric one might observe.  And our military is absolutely no exception.  Here’s our take on it.

01:00 – Afghanistan update from the Strategy Bridge

14:07 – White supremacy in the military




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Bowe Bergdahl and the crisis in Yemen – Ep 2

In Episode 2, Chris ‘Henri’ Henrikson and Danny Sjursen discuss recent developments in the military’s case against Bowe Bergdahl and the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Yemen.

01:00  – VA PAWS Act

05:00  – Afghanistan

13:00  – New beret for SFAB

27:00  – Bowe Bergdahl sentence announcement

38:00 – Army secretary nominee

44:40 – HR McMaster on Trump’s use of language

55:10 – Yemen

1:32:00 – Total

Once An Eagle by Anton Myrer

Bowe Bergdahl, the former hostage who pleaded guilty to desertion, avoids prison – Washington Post


The VA Paws Act; HR 2327

Task and Purpose – Tempers Flare Among Special Forces Vets Over New Unit’s Beret

H.R. McMaster: Trump ‘will use whatever language he wants’ on Asia trip

Seattle Times – AP Interview: SEAL wants Bergdahl dishonorably discharged

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