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  • Ukraine (mid May 2022 update) – Ep 118

    We give our most recent Ukraine update, including Finland / Sweden joining NATO, the entire lack of tracking or accountability for the huge deluge of weapons entering Ukraine, Poland providing […]

  • My recent interviews

    I got the chance to be interviewed on a couple different outlets recently. First, I spoke with Kyle Anzelone, opinion editor at Antiwar.com and host of Conflicts of Interest, where […]

  • 2021 Foreign Policy Predictions – Ep 91

    KBOO listeners: (1-23-21: Our podcast hosting server had some issues yesterday and early this morning.  There's still issues streaming the episode through iTunes, but it will now download and can […]

  • Dr. Ben Freeman – Ep 87

    Dr. Ben Freeman, the Director of the Foreign Influence Transparency Initiative at the Center for International Policy (CIP), stops by the podcast to discuss his own intellectual and professional journey, his […]

  • The foreign policy history of Joe Biden – Ep 83

    It all comes down to this.  After around 18 months of speculation and primaries, the election is Tuesday.  The country is at a crossroads of immense proportions.  And to add […]