Tag: Pat Tillman

  • Danny’s appearance on The Jimmy Dore Show

    Danny got an invite for a discussion with Jimmy Dore on Memorial Day.  They discussed many topics germane to Memorial Day, including discussing empire, veteran’s struggles, systemic-militarism, the hijacking of […]

  • Robert “Bob” Scheer – Part 2 – Ep 62

    Robert “Bob” Scheer, famed journalist, interviewer, activist, and editor-in-chief of TruthDig.com, stops by the podcast to discuss his career, his interviews with presidents from Nixon to Clinton, and his radio […]

  • Spenser Rapone interview – Ep 21

    Spenser Rapone joins us on the podcast as we discuss growing up in the aftermath of 9/11, Spencer’s time at West Point, his thoughts about the anti-war movement, and his […]